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Last update: 2024-02-26.

Credits #

This blog was created using the eleventy-base-blog v8 as a starter template.

Inspirations and thanks #

I took huge inspirations for the style and general philosophy behind this site from Simone Silvestroni and his Minutes to Midnight website. If you go to the latter you will see many similarities indeed (this page is almost identical, but I really liked how it was layed out by Simone). In general Simone's blog was an inspiration both for the design of this site and the ideas I will try to uphold while improving my blog.

Silvia Maggi, Aleksandr Hovhannisyan, and Jan Boddez for some design inspiration and actual content ideas for presentation pages.

As for eleventy itself, Kevin Powell's video was probably the most useful thing I had while approaching this SSG for the first time, together with Jaydan Urwin's Eleventy Crash Course. Other super helpful examples I had were those gathered from The 11ty Bundle.

Last update: 2024-02-26.