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About #

I am Andrea (he/him), an archaeologist with a lot (maybe too many) interests.

A half-body picture of me on a bridge. Colored houses in the background

Work #

I currently work at the University of Turin as a researcher (actually post-doctoral research associate, but I'll spare you all the weird namings we have for people working in academia). Here I do computer-based work inside a larger project. My job is to take ancient-settlement data (location and size, mostly), and do spatial and quantitative/statistical analyses on them. In the past (and currently as well) I also did remote-sensing work, which means gathering and analyzing satellite images to inspect the archaeological landscape. In particular, I worked a lot with declassified satellite images. I am a landscape archaeologist, which means my interest go beyond a single archaeological site, to inspect larger areas and regions with their elements (the "archaeological landscape"). Enough with the work, for that there is my academic website.

Hobbies and Interests #

I have lots of interests but none of them should probably be called "hobbies", as I do not cultivate them regularly.

I like computers, I enjoy using them and learn tech stuff about them. I like tech in general and learning techie things is something that really stick with me every day.

I like to learn new things and explore and reading about stuff I don't know and then try and experiment with it.I also like to share what I know, which is why I like teaching, however in a more informal way (I find being behind a desk and just talk really boring).

I like video games a lot, especially those with a historical focus. In general I play mostly strategy game, either RTS, 4X or Grand Strategy. Some of my favorites are e.g. the Civilization Series, Age of Empires Series, Total War series and almost everything Paradox and Creative Assembly develop (Crusader Kings II/III being my absolute favorites together with most of the Warhammer/Rome Total War). I also like soulslike games (e.g the Dark Souls series), as I do enjoy the world-building, level design, challenging gameplay and (not always) good rewards gameplay-wise. Last but not least are RPG Games, here should I mention Skyrim? I will mention Skyrim. Skyrim is THE best and many games should learn from it. Sorry Obi-Wan, on Skyrim I deal in absolutes.

I like reading. I cannot focus on one book at the time recently, unless that book really catch my undivided attention. I enjoy mostly genres like fantasy and sci-fi, and I used to enjoy historical novels, but it's been a while since I engaged with them. Recently I am reading a lot of non-fiction books and papers (at least I'm starting them).

Other things I like ar tv-shows and movies, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings universes, Star Trek (kind of all the nerdy stuff), and I enjoy watching anime as well.

Quick facts #

About this site #

This site is built using 11ty (eleventy) and is hosted on netlify. I am still very new to web development and I definitely can't call myself a programmer/developer, so while I try to keep things as minimal as possible, there will be some improvements needed regarding optimisation and stuff.

For this reason, this site is highly susceptible to change as I learn new stuff and implement (and likely break) new things. Or, on the other hand, I might lose interest and just keep it this idea, but that's the fun part.


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Social #

As many people of my age, I tried most social networks. It was a good ride at the beginning, but a degrading experience over time drew me away from mainstream social media. I quit twitter in February 2023 and I am now only active on Mastodon, specifically on the instance

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